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First off, go you for taking such a big leap of faith.

For wanting to take your business to another level. I know how scary it is as I’ve spent thousands of dollars investing in multiple mentorships after countless hours trying to learn things on my own. I’ll tell you, it’s worth it to fast-track your business and learn from others.

You can do this!!


1:1 Newborn Mentoring

What’s included:

This 2-day experience stuffs in so.much.learning. Brandi used to be a school teacher, so she knows how to truly teach you all the important Information from start to finish. Her Newborn Educational Guide helps you work through finding your voice in your work, attracting your ideal clients, easily set newborn props, and includes all her tips and tricks.

Cost: $2,200


The Schedule:

Day One

Review Educational Mentorship guide + work alongside Brandi as she safely poses babies in various props and poses during a newborn session. Mentee is welcome to practice with camera angles and assist to learn the ins-and-outs of all things related to safely posing baby. We’ll end with lunch and Q&A.

Day Two
Mentee is in ‘hands-on’ mode while Brandi helps alongside instructing and making sure baby is safe and you feel confident wrapping and posing. This is your day to shine, ask for help ‘perfecting the pose’ and feel confident within working a newborn session ‘on your own’. We’ll end with lunch and Q&A.


*Brandi is always here to help you after your mentorship is over plus you’ll receive access to training videos found on this page :)

Let’s do this, friends!

I’m not holding anything back! I’m ready to spill my heart and pour so much knowledge into you girls! I truly want to see your business bloom! You deserve to learn what you truly need to have a successful business, to dive quicker into what makes your heart happy. Your clients deserve precious photos of their babies from confident photographers skilled in keeping their precious babies safe! Let me give you the tools to do that! So what do you say?! You coming to play?!

Current Mentees

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Current Mentees

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